Financial Strength

QBE underwriters in Canada insure risks under its Lloyd’s Underwriters license.  This means that policyholders benefit from both the financial strength of QBE but also the financial strength of the  Lloyd's market.  Credit rating  agencies assign an overall financial strength rating to the Lloyd's market as a whole.  The reason is that Lloyds has a unique capital structure, referred to as the Lloyds Chain of Security, through which financial support is available to insureds via the Central Fund which is backed by all Lloyds Syndicates.

A.M. Best has assigned an 'A' (excellent) financial strength rating to the overall Lloyd's market. Standard & Poor's has assigned the overall Lloyd's market an insurer financial strength rating of 'A+' (strong). Although there are differences in the terminology it is widely accepted that the current A.M. Best 'A' (Excellent) and Standard & Poor's 'A+' (Strong) ratings are broadly comparable. More information about ratings for Lloyd's is available on the Lloyd's website.

More information about the Lloyds Chain of Security is available:

For information on the financial strength of the QBE Insurance Group, please refer to the QBE Group Investor Centre page.